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Frequently asked questions

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Orders & Returns

Orders & Returns

  • When will my order arrive?

    Rose CBD products will arrive within 3-5 business days of purchase. A tracking code is provided via email when your order has left our kitchen.

  • What’s Rose’s return policy?

    We’re happy to accept returns or offer exchanges to be sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Please email for assistance.


  • What is rosin?

    Rosin is an unprocessed and pure, full-spectrum cannabinoid extract mechanically pressed from the whole hemp flower. The process is as pure and simple as placing the hemp flower between two metal plates on a hydraulic press. The two plates lightly heat the flower and press down to squeeze a cannabinoid and terpene rich extract called “flower rosin” from the buds of the plant. Our rosin is pressed in our kitchen in San Francisco. 

  • Where does the flower come from?

    We source our CBD flower from Hudson Hemp and Sonoma Hills Farm, whose practices of regenerative agriculture work in a “closed loop” or no-waste system to restore ecosystems, nurture biodiversity, and reverse the adverse effects of climate change. These farms hold similar values as Rose, providing products and operating within systems that benefit humankind.

  • How do you source produce?

    Our fruit farms and purveyors are carefully selected based on similar criteria as our flower farms. We source only what’s in season and locally available.

  • How much CBD does one Delight have?

    CBD Delights have 10mg solventless CBD rosin per Delight, with 200mg CBD per Delights package. Rose Caps have 10mg solventless CBD rosin per capsules, with 600mg CBD per  bottle.

  • What will Delights make me feel like?

    How the plant compounds contained in our Delights will take effect in your body is unique to you, so we refrain from making claims. 

  • Will I get high consuming CBD?

    Delights are infused with hemp-derived CBD flower rosin that does contain a wide variety of cannabinoids native to the source plant. For this reason, depending on your system, you may experience some perceivable intoxication from the consumption of CBD Delights.

  • Do Delights have sugar? Are they gluten-free? Vegan?

    Delights contain cane sugar. They are gluten-free and completely vegan. For best results, we recommend storing them at room temperature and away from direct sunlight or refrigeration.

  • Do you lab test your products?

    We do full panel testing, including potency, for every one of our products.

  • Where are Delights manufactured?

    Rose never delegates to third party manufacturing. We produce all our products and press our flower rosin in Rose facilities, located in San Francisco, California.

  • Why are Delights more expensive than other CBD edibles?

    Due to a variety of factors, including the quality of the ingredients they contain and increased labor required to produce an edible of their quality.

  • Does Delights ever go on sale?

    Occasionally, we offer our most loved recipes in trios or bundles for a discounted price. Sign up to get alerts about our next offer by entering your email on our sold out trio: Holiday Trio, Poached Pear Trio, Summer Trio.

  • Who creates the recipes for seasonal Delights?

    Seasonal Delights are a collaboration between Rose and other chefs and creatives from around the world. Each seasonal recipe is cooked in the Rose kitchen by our lead chef Joey Rachel and his team. Past collaborations include: Standard Dose, Nicole Rucker, Brain Dead, Manu Buffara, Magical Grapes, Pujol's Rose Chocolate, Dirt, Enrique Olvera's Ojo Rojo and Bar Part Time.